Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding has become the fastest growing water sport in the recent years, and that’s not a coincidence. A full body workout where you’re just walking or lying over water, this game has come to gather a crazy number of followers in the recent years.

The good part? Paddle boarding can be done anywhere by anyone!

Lakes, oceans, rivers – you name it!

To achieve the best paddle boarding experience, you will need a healthy and strong paddle board – and that is where Earthwire Boards Australia steps in! With a variety of inflatable SUPs (stand up paddle boards), hard SUPs and windsurfing boards

Windsurfing paddle boards exist too! They can be used for surfing and give a flying sensation to the players when they rush through the waves of the sea with exhilaration on these sturdy boards. Want a good day out at a water body with family? We’ve got you covered as well! The inflatable SUPs have never been better!

Up for paddle board racing? The hard SUPs will boost your performance!

Shop with Earthwire Boards Australia and live the life of a true Australian with one of the best SUPs in the market!

Inflatable SUPs

Earthwire’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards are made just for that!

Made with the best technology available, these iSUPs guarantee fun and games for the whole family. Bring along your dog as well. Even if it scratches the paddle board, there won’t be any damage!

Whether you’re into Yoga, love cruising or crave for recreational paddling, these boards will let you have all of it with even more than you wish for! Earthwire’s Namaste inflatable SUP have been designed with yoga and fitness in mind, providing the option to anchor your board and a brushed deck for good grip and flexibility. The Active inflatable iSUP is ideal for recreational paddling. There is something for everyone and everything in the best shape, quality, and design that you could hope for!

They are easy to deflate, pack into a backpack and easier to inflate out there.No burden of carrying large boards when you have to walk for longer periods of time or can’t fit one in the car!

With the best quality in the market, Earthwire iSUPs are durable and look brand new for a longer period. Customers have loved and affirmed their durability, and we have been proud to provide them with that.

Whether you wish to paddle alone or with your family, these paddle boards provide you with balance, rigidity, stability and a soft landing in case anyone slips.They have a higher buoyancy than hard boards do and are perfect for your children to have a day out with!

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