Enjoy Australia With Us

Living in Australia or here for a visit?

Searching for the best way to spend your time by a sea, a river, a lake? Does the feel of water appeal to you so much?

We at Earthwire have exactly what you’re looking for – Top quality Swedish brand SUPs to paddle your way through the water!

There is nothing like the feel of the sea breeze as it flows through your hair while you ride a paddle board through the water. The control of the board and the natural feel of the waves underneath – paddle boarding is not only fun for its experience, but also because anyone can experience it with the right sets of paddle boards and a few tryouts.

Earthwire knows what the passion for water and an active lifestyle means to you. That is exactly why we make sure that you find your perfect fit for the waves!

With nine sturdy and stable boards with different features, we’re sure that you’ll soon find what you’re looking for and love it!

How We Started:

It all started when Thomas Ryan, the co-founder of Earthwire, sailed into his life-long passion for waters ports across the world!

Born in Australia, this zeal has led him on to flow with the winds and waves, ever since! He settled on the Sunshine Coast, Sydney after a lifetime of travel around the world, and he and his Australian wife are now delighted to bring the best quality, perfectly made paddle boards to the Australian shores to provide you with an experience of a lifetime!

We, assure you believe in facilitating you to the best of our abilities. We shall be your first point of contact when you get in touch with Earthwire, Australia, and would love to help you get the best board for you on your way to the Australian waves for an exotic experience. For more information about this topic, please visit SUP and Buy Stand Up Paddle Boards online.

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